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To empower our students on the path to becoming Global Citizens, our assessment criteria follow an all-round structure. At Sai Shree International, we have recognised the limitations of the year-end evaluation system. As a result, we consider evaluation as an integral part of the learning and teaching process. Evaluations are integrated into the classroom sessions to enable students to progress over an extended course of evaluation. The advantage in this process is that it enables teachers to obtain feedback during every stage of the learning process and take corrective action where required. In addition, it also helps teachers to better their teaching methodology.
Empowered Assessment
The school also holds three sets of comprehensive tests during the course of the academic year. This quarterly structure is based on developing logical and critical reasoning. Both theoretical and practical aspects of each subject are taken into consideration for evaluation.

From Orals to annuals in languages to presentations, plays, dramas, projects in History, Geography and the Sciences, to games and mental enhancement exercises in Arithmetic, we ensure that every one of our students develops their ability to apply themselves.
Labs facilities
We have well equipped & Modern labs for the development of the students.

Labs such as NIIT Lab, Computer Lab, Composite Science Lab, Math lab, Biology Lab, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, English Language Lab,
All Round Development
Sports, Music, Dance, Self-defence, Yoga, Exhibitions and other extracurricular activities promote wholesome development and ensure that the learning process in not exclusively academic.

Sports such as Athletics, Throw-ball, Summing, Handball, Volley Ball, Rifle Shooting, Badminton, Horse ridding, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Archery and Indoor games are widely encouraged to promote all-round development.
All Round Development
Good health is an essential part of our curriculum. And as part of our commitment to creating better global citizens, we encourage students to maintain good health.

Yearly health camps are conducted to instruct students on the finer points of a healthy lifestyle.
Regular Health Checkups
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