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We equip our children to face the contemporary competitive world with grit and valour, thus meeting boldly the needs and aspirations of the ever changing and demanding times.
Due emphasis is laid not only on academics, but sports, performing and creative arts, education in Human Values, and discipline are given equal importance too.
Thus we provide opportunities to promote social emotional, cultural, mental and physical growth. We strive to develop each child's potential, recognize his or her ability, and encourage positive self-esteem in order to develop them into responsible citizens of tomorrow's India.
Irrepressible enterprise and innovation has led the burgeoning growth of the institution. We have always believed in exploring the unknown, charting newer terrains and going for the best each time. We have a vision to excel, a drive to go only for the best and to work in a challenging environment.

Principal Dr. Shweta Vinchurkar
~ Dr. Shweta Vinchurkar ~
We try to import to our pupils peaceful co-existence to ensure the survival of the earth through the regular events, special assemblies and annual exhibitions. A blend of values, commitments and responsibilities go hand-in-hand and this I pray is reflected in the students who have undergone the grooming. Education as I see it, is not a product mark diploma, job, money in that order, it is a process and a never ending one at that.
Lastly, We, Academicians realize that Education is not filling a pail but the lighting of fire that must lead on from darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge! And therefore, we have to give our best year after year.
Dr. Shweta Vinchurkar
(M.SC., M.A., M.ED., P.hD)
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